Quick Remembrances

 I first met Del at my 1972 NOAC Planning Conference at Schiff Scout Reservation. In 1977 we received the DSA award together . – Dennis Kohl

 I did not know Del at all. He came to the same place my mother in law is at and I knew who he was. I always found him in the house to say Hi as I wanted him to feel known and loved at his new place. He always waved hi and had a smile. Always a smile!! – Paula Hopkins

I met Mr. Loder when I first started working at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He would make the trek from Seattle to Ashland, OR to spend a few days experiencing theatre. He was always kind and engaging and eager to talk about the plays he was enjoying and even those that he did not. We will miss seeing him here. – Doreen O’Skea

Remembering Del Loder

My Truant Pen

The struggle of explaining my relationship with Del always started with how to describe him to people who didn’t know him. I usually settled on calling him my Godfather. It had the right ring of near-familial without blood-relation to it, and in some ways it was quite true. Of course, Presbyterians don’t usually do godparents, and Del had been a few continents away when I was born and christened.

Pirates of Penzance

What he started as was my grandfather’s best friend. They’d been Boy Scout leaders together most of their adult life, although Del was a decade younger than my grandfather. In my earliest memories of him, I’m probably 7 or 8. We made the trek to Seattle to visit my grandparents for a great family tradition: the annual Gilbert & Sullivan outing. I’m not sure exactly which show it was, but I remember seeing Yoeman of the Guard…

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Introducing Gilbert & Sullivan

From Kay Johnstone

Del was always a big part of the Johnstone family. I got to know Del through them when I was dating and eventually married Lindsey Johnstone. Del was always a wealth of information and comedy. He brought to my life 2 people that I would never have know about otherwise. Gilbert and Sullivan. In the late 1800’s that wrote many a musical opera, most of what I experienced, were very humorous with a bit of satire. I will never forget the many plays he took the family too along with wonderful family dinners out with many presentations about the particular play we were about to see. He loved the arts, music and most of all everyone around him. He touched many in his life and will continue to touch many as his many accomplishments will inspire and live in many more.

Saying Goodbye to Del

Friends – it is with great sorrow and heavy hearts that we let you know that Del is coming to the end of his life’s journey. As of Sunday, 11/10/19, he is receiving comfort care only at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup.

We hope to both share with you and learn from you on this site. We’ll be providing updates to you on his status, and any gatherings. You will find links and resources we’ve gathered, celebrating Del’s incredibly varied accomplishments and relationships. We’d love to hear from you what Del meant in your life and what you remember most fondly. If you have pictures, please upload them to our shared photo drive.

Del has been a tremendous mentor, a tireless leader, a patron of the arts, a stalwart of the Boy Scouts, a link to our shared history, and a beloved friend. He is a national treasure, and we were beyond fortunate to get to spend so much time with him.