Del and Scouting

One of Del’s greatest contributions comes to the Boy Scouts of America. Even the license plate on his car referred to it: BSA OA, which stood for Boy Scouts of America, Order of the Arrow.

His lifetime accomplishments are memorialized in the Order of the Arrow’s history:

Some of his notable accomplishments include

  • Order of the Arrow Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Writing the forward to The Kekeenowin of the Wimachtendienk (he was steeped in Order of the Arrow lore)
  • Here’s his speech to the National Order of the Arrow
  • One thought on “Del and Scouting

    1. Del Loder’s Service as chair of the Subcommittee on Ceremonies
      —Jay Dunbar

      Del Loder was an impassioned advocate for the centrality of the Induction in the Order. In 1969 the National Committee formed a subcommittee on ceremonies chaired by Dr. Carl Marchetti to provide official oversight for a group that had been spreading unofficial ceremonies and inductions literature to lodges. Recognizing them as a “think tank worth listening to,” Dr. Marchetti promised them an official channel. In 1974, Del Loder’s first assignment on the national committee was to succeed Dr. Marchetti as chair of the subcommittee on ceremonies. Del entered into this role with commitment and enthusiasm, in part because of his belief that ceremonies are the heart of the Order of the Arrow, and in part because both Dr. Goodman and Carroll Edson served on this subcommittee. To have this personal and working relationship with the Founders was for Del a long-held dream come true. He drank from the source.

      Like Dr. Goodman, Del was small of frame but large of vision and a fine inspirational speaker. Given 30 seconds, he could deliver a full Scoutmaster’s minute. Like Carroll Edson, Del could see clearly and get things done. His stewardship of the Induction from 1974 till 1981 saw the birth of the Inductions movement throughout the Order, still vibrant in the ICE Inductions and Ceremonies Events at NOAC.

      Del “flew high cover” for the Ceremonial Advisory Group and their proposals. While he did not participate in the work of development, he was a true believer, and advocated earnestly for the new ideas and programs to the rest of the national committee. He oversaw official acceptance of the Ten Induction Principles, a complete revision of the pre-Ordeal ceremony along Scouting rather than Fraternal lines, full implementation of Spirit of the Arrow, a Manual for the Ordeal, forerunner of our modern Guide to Inductions, and national implementation of the Elangomat system for Ordeals. Del was at the helm during this Inductions renaissance: believing in it, laboring greatly for it and supporting it ardently. In his 2009 NOAC “Power of One” speech Del expressed the central concern that guided his service to the Order:

      “A… ceremonial team is the heart of the Order of the Arrow…you only have one chance with these new candidates and that chance should be the best you can possibly do.”

      His advice to young Arrowmen today remained: “Know the ceremonies. They are the core of the Order.”


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