Truly Missed

I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Del over twenty years ago while attending the Aurora District Roundtables. A few years later I was serving as the Aurora District Chairman and had the good fortune to have Del as my District Commissioner. During that time we became good friends and I started to became aware of what a remarkable individual he was.

Del’s dedication and commitment to Scouting and what it represented in his life were impressive. As time went on his leadership and integrity and strength of character became even more apparent. It was almost as if the Scout oath and laws were written with him in mind.

Del’s amazing ability to recall experiences, names and events as well relate stories and be able to share with others the events that were always meaningful as well as significant. He had the incredible capability to do this and enrich the occasion or opportunity at the drop of the hat.

His selfless nature to extend advice and counsel others was recognized, highly valued and frequently sought. Del was truly admired and appreciated for his thoughtfulness , generosity to others, both in and out of his Scouting family.

Del was a wonderful friend, a remarkable Scouter, valued Mentor and a very important, special and caring person who touched the lives of so many others.

Del is truly missed……

Lyle Hall

Cousin Connection

Del take me on my 14th birthday to see the movie Tora Tora Tora about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. And he took me out on my 15th birthday to the Snoqualmie Lodge restaurant for breakfast and later that day he took me to see see the movie 2001 Space Odyssey. He was my Dad’s cousin. He was a kind person! He said one day that he believed in Jesus and I believe that he’s with Jesus in heaven now. – Brent Gunnon

On my honor

I first met Del in 1954 when I was the O/A Lodge Secretary and have been friends with Del for the past 60+ years. Del lived up to the first 8 words of the Scout Oath “On my honor I will do my best” and he always did his best. Del was dedicated to the development of young men. He touched the lives of many Scouts and Scouter’s and left us with many wonderful memories. The last time that I saw Del was at the Camp Parson museum for the Camp Parsons Centennial celebration. Del, thanks for being a dedicated Scouter and leadership in the development of many young scouters. – Robert Kurimoto

Wide and deep impact

It is difficult to narrow memories with Del to just one or two since we have known and worked together for many years. My time with BSA is marked with associations with many great and generous people–I know them as Scouters. They are generous with their time, talent and treasure and follow role models like Del Loder. In his later years, I would see Del at monthly Camp Parsons alumni meetings held at the Scout office. These were wonderful times to catch up with Del and his friends, talk about Scouting, reminisce about days gone by and discuss the future of our great movement. Del offered me sound advice, suggestions, and most importantly, encouraging words. I think about Del often and the impact he made on so many Scouts, Scouters and Scout Executives.

Michael Quirk

Tough but great teacher

When I was a youth I dreaded having Del show up at Conclave as he always judged the Ceremonies Competition. No matter how much you worked on your skills the perception was that he was never satisfied and one could never do anything he liked. Years later I came to realize that Del was always gentle in his critiques and only wanted the best from each youth that he reviewed. He was truly a mentor to me though the years. – Mike Bliss