Video Memories of Del

Tricks and Tips

Here is some useful advice on how to record great video to honor Del’s memory. You should send videos to to share with other people who are remembering Del.

Some guidelines:

  • Copyright: Please be respectful of copyright for images, video, text, and other intellectual property in your video. 
    • Generally, avoid music unless it is key to your message. 
  • Recording: Most video is fine, but watch out for low resolution, or choppy video, muffled sound, and background noise.
    • Landscape 16:9: Record in landscape (wider than tall) in 16:9 format, at 1080 pixels or more wide.
    • Focus: Check the focus, especially if you are showing us an object, or you are moving during the presentation.
    • Tripod or helper: For a steady shot, enlist another person’s help to handle the camera, or put it on a tripod.
  • Video: Most anything goes, but our target is 1080p to be shown on YouTube
    • Digital Camera: select 1080p or better if possible.
    • Phone Camera: generally the back camera provides better resolution. 
    • Webcam: host a meeting and record it, or use recording software. 
    • Watch: Make a sample recording and watch it.
  • Audio:
    • Background Noise: minimize background noise.  Close doors and windows where appropriate.  Let others know you are recording.  
    • Your voice: Please use your own voice to tell the story, or get a friend to tell it to us.
    • Without music: please help us avoid copyright issues, unless you the performer and the music is an important part of your memory.
    • Listen: Make a sample recording and listen to it. 
  • Transfer: We will be happy to accept your video via a file sharing service like OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, we can provide a place to drop the file, or you may share to us.
  • Tips:
    • Script: Most people will find writing a script helpful, even if they don’t read it word for word.
    • Practice: Record yourself.  Watch the recording. 
    • Lighting: Best is to use three lights
      • Two in front to either side, they cancel out each other’s shadows.
      • One from behind – above or below what the camera sees.  This makes you stand out from the background.
    • Background: Look at what is in your background, is it more interesting than you?  Does it tell the right story? 
      • Watch for sharp shadows they are usually distracting, and make swapping in a background harder. 
        • If you are using lights and the background is too close it may make strong shadows. 
      • If you want us to replace your background with something else, that is a possibility. 
        • Record yourself in front of a solid color object, far enough away that you don’t cast shadows. 
        • If you use a cloth watch out for wrinkles. 
        • We would probably put you in front of a scene from the T’kope Kwiskwis longhouse unless you express another idea or provide a picture or video.
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